Thursday, November 28, 2019

evil puritan ideology ♠ dark angel culture

evil puritan: holistic+sinless evil. resolut+straight+true. vitruvian celibaci.
♥︎⁶ enslaved doom angel luv eterna. dark guardia. 🕯 fem fasci. dark+evil+ava utopian. 🏴
wifa+osiris+luv eterna+daughter+amer [draconian dark angel].

evil puritan culture
aspects: dark innocence+pure intent [never manipulative]. cold. celibaci. martyrdom/espionage. luv. dark polarized evil. dark angel guardia. strata+illusion/white deception+cover story. fem fasci. sovereignty. dark angel flowers+leaf. vegetarian [conservative or liberal vegetarian]. diet+recipe. sorrow. sentiment. modest presence. black market + black ops code of integrity. free will ethos. nature ethics. quality. subtlety. consumption pleasure over health. nutrition. the microdose. illustri/photographi/musician. sunglasses. dark clothing. scienti. pain/sacri. death/destruction. nemesis. royal. pure lust for affliction+destruction. rapture/armageddon/apocalypse. hell/aeter damni/evil maxima. slava deci + rapacide + tyrannicide + empir concen. spectra crucifix. allegory/symbology. ideology+writing. myth/legend. the occult/the forlorn. histor. victory. spectra var. the illuminati. und ferrar cuta spira. angel of death + kingslayers [doom angels].

draconian prodi
kooma, indica, coffee, coca, black tea, chocolat, milk [2%+1%+hempa], salad, aged+cured cheese, fried or grilled vege, sweetroot cane sugar [fruit derived], iced+churned+whipped cream, bread, pasta, chili, corn, rice, teriyaki, salt, spice: black pepper + chili powder, herb: pesto, heavi crema, fried+baked+boiled+mashed potato, sauce, red vino, slow cooked stew, balsalmic vinegar, olive oil, cooked onion, carrot, celery, mushroom, vegetarian carne, industri hempa, water.

prefered indica strains
royal purple [perfect alien fruit aroma + highest quality medicine + calm silence + restful sleep].
seattle blue [powerful+uncontrollable aroma + potent high + subtle coffee perfection].
white gold [gold dank + potent daytime high + high quality cigarette synergy].
indica is not a recreational substance, it is a miraculous dark angel flower medicine.
society's that imprison indica smokers+growers are verifiably insane.

vampyre+serpent+draco+dark elven+pixie vegetarian diet
fasting+cold liquid+microdose nutri relative smoking diet.
cold liquid microdose+rare solid dinner+smoke diet.
cold+hot liquid+candi+rare solid+smoke diet.

primary liquid diets: cold black tea+2% milk+smoke, 1% milk+chocolat[cold or hot]+smoke, fruita hempa protein smoothie.

nutri relative smoking: microdose+indica spira+kooma
smoking satis is directly relative to nutri consumption.
nutri qualities enable+enhance the positive effects of smoking.

vimya fruita heavi crema
cut vimya small strawberry's,
decadent+illustrious heavi crema,
sweetroot white cane powder.

cleo marr's vanilla
the original 1.0 vanilla root ice cream [potent subtlety + distinct 1.0 vanilla root essence + crema substance mirror of decadent+dry and flavor optima moist chocolate cake with partial mitigation in potency translated into off-white velvet creamy texture high satis + modest coca leaf extract for sensory euphor] + liberal layer of dark persian sugar + aevenly whipped cream + modest dark persian sugar topping.

vanilla peach dark ava dessert
the original 1.0 vanilla root ice cream,
sliced vimoir juicy peach,
dark persian sugar + aevenly whipped cream.

simple sustenance: cooled celery with churned peanut.

quality salad
lettuce + stratacut carrot + abundant tart [never sweet] balsalmic vinegar.
lettuce + stratacut carrot + copious amounts of creamy bleu cheese and crumbles + modest black pepper top layer.
lettuce + stratacut carrot + saturated with italian dressing.

microdose meal transylvanian cheese
perrano [9 month] + robusto [12 month] aged cheese.

perfect lunch bagel
cheese bagel+sharp cheddar cheese broiled,
sprouts + topped with italian dressing.

vegetarian carne subway sandwich
completely not tuna fish, deci zero putrification or fish, refined with invisible pepper symbi vege+subtle fruiti pineapple transmuted flesh origin, neutrality of meat cognition + synergistic with heavy light mayo+dil pickle perfection, slightly not cardboard sensory aeven.

vegetarian almost enough sandwich
sliced avocado+low spectra spicy+subtle and distinct neutrally available aftertaste black pepper + abundant grilled onion [above and below the avocado] + shredded lettuce+mayo + harvarti cheese + salt+medi holistic very subtle herb pleasure decadent white italian bread served with semi-thick somewhat soggy housecut fries + approx 56/44 mayo+ketchup sauce.

reincarnated da vinci pizza
moderately applied+fully covered melted churned cream italian bread rustic non-sweet crust + pesto base with very slight onion refining down the sweetness + 3 cheese [mozza + shredded+grated parmesan + subtle flavor distinct mushroom.

$1.00 simple+high quality dinner: churned cream + saturated in black peppered fetticine or spaghetti.

vegetarian stew: red vino+onion+carrot+tiny cut celery+dark angel water+potato+significant black pepper.

draconian favorite pasta
creamy pesto mushroom fuscili + a side of baked white bread. italian with american ethos: robust dry crema white bread + satisfying heart attack levels of dark angel crema fats with a crust focus of 'not much lesser than the breading'. authi corngrass selected from the most sorrowful dark angel martyr genetic library characteristic to the soulular effects of pain+anguish+damnation with the highest satisfaction for cows. pleasure+taste replacing health variables to the maxima of satisfaction.

slow cooked vegetarian chili
completely non-disgusting sustenance based columbian druglord chili bean + chili powder [desert spice] + abundant amounts of highly pleasurable forlorn quality grilled/heated surface induced vimya yellowish white sweet onion with mid to low tensile aftercooked density [moderate to significant saute: added to the slow cooker after] + perfect dark angel water + modestly sauted habenero pepper [2nd tier or 5th tier spicy: potent still capable of selective focus heat + subtle+precisely perceivable black pepper-like heat] + black pepper to complete.

keys to life
stay true to yourself, do what you want.
self improvement+self development.
blunt honesty. your own work.
the internet. smoking. correct diet.

societal ideology
woman, lady, and fem mini clona are the rightful leaders of civilization.
celibaci ethos+pure lust: malicious lust for affliction. pure lust is non-sexual.
the best celibaci lust: punishing delusional rapist tyrants.
definition of males: worthless* sluts...males are the lowest form in infin.
human male ethos: fake persona, item+wealth accumulation, impure lust motivated pests.
type of job human males are right for: garbage dump robot admin, sewage robot admin.

recreation, entertainment, and fiction are only valued by zombie slaves who are completely worthless beyond amusement.

black+shades of darkness+white. black with a hint of whitish silver. dark gold with gold ava luster in rays of light. dark royal purple. balanced dark+gray+white. dark scarlet blood red. dark ava royal navy sky blue with pale white singularity. illuminati navy dark ava royal purple with a dualistic singularity of pale white. shades of blue. illuminati puritan light purple.

evil puritan founders [draconian kin]: wifa + osiris + luv eterna dark angel women + daughter + amer.