Thursday, July 4, 2019

liquid fasting and microdose diet || cold black tea fasting

this diet is ideal catered to each individual's culinary taste.
a diet of tactful eating, free will, and moderation.

note: black tea w/ 2% milk can be substituted with a
protein oriented liquid catered to choice such as plant milk.
...the diet in a nutshell
breakfast || fasting while consuming water early in the day is an advanced step of this diet.
early in the day if your body needs sustenance: black tea w/ 2% milk (or alternatively a hemp protein fruit blend).
lunch || black tea w/ 2% milk (1-3 portions is my own preference).
dinner || dinner or solids - eat anything you want for dinner: from ice cream to cereal - catered to the body's signals and taste. listen to your body: all foods are drugs, they alter the mind and energy levels. feel the quality in your foods by their effects similar to an inverted euphoria or health signals. black tea w/ milk is recommended after the food is somewhat digested or if thirsty after dinner.

• water is consumed throughout the day (spring water).
• microdoses of solid food can be consumed when the body shows necessity.
2% milk || plant milk with a 2% milk consistency and neutrality is considered superior.
• once acclimated to this diet the body aligns to moderate consumption.
microdose diet
instead of eating full meals early in the day consume water or liquids strategically, microdose foods if you need a solid. you do not need to eat a full meal to quench hunger.

the right hemp milk or rBST-free 2% milk is recommended with black tea.
black tea has exceptional quality's for consistent consumption.
diet of moderacy and free will
water fasting early in the day.

when hungry before dinner consume in microdoses or liquids. once acclimated to this diet you will not want to over-eat after witnessing it's effects. foods are not avoided due to fats, eat what you desire to with this diet (this diet changes how much you eat).

a body's laws may signal lowering your calorie intake is difficult, the body develops rhythms to patterns. it may take some time to get your body out of caloric over-consumption. the digestive system is partially based on behavioral patterns, you have to establish a history of disgestive consistency to the diet, do what you can to manage your hunger efficiently. if you have been over-consuming the body will show resistance in the form of suffering, being able to take some suffering goes a long way. simply put: suffering does not mean you have to give in.
benefits of this diet
• more energy - instead of digestive tiredness.
• more free time or opportunity to work, liquids can be consumed in unison to projects - less time is spent cooking, eating, and digesting foods.
• cold black tea is antioxidant rich, has high quality taste, and is beneficial for health.
• drinking cold black tea w/ 2% milk consistently purifies the body.
• 1 main meal a day at dinner creates a higher hunger and in effect satiation and indulgence with foods. food is better when you are hungry.
• this diet provides digestive equilibrium, i felt better once i achieved my diet.
• the weight loss of this diet is exceptional, i lost 50-70+ pounds into an ideal weight (to approximately 155 lbs.).
• the body resists this diet until it is achieved, once circadian rhythms are aligned the body and mind is more efficient. do not disrupt the circadian rhythms you worked for by eating too much.
• this diet allows you to eat any type of foods one desire's and provides exceptional weight loss. indulge in desserts or anything else you crave for your dinner period, ice cream for dinner is acceptable in my system.
• find what is compatible to you for fruit blends (hemp protein powder is highly recommended).
• dairy: find a 2% milk without rBST (milk ethos). vegan: hemp milk.
• consuming a small meal of any desired type to avoid starvation when your body is resisting less calories; tapering meals into this diet - consuming less is a goal.
• hunger based suffering reduces some time after not eating. if you are highly motivated to lose weight suffer the hunger and find the 'second wind' where you are no longer hungry.
• persevere through your body's over-consumption desires until you acclimate to a better calorie intake. you have to earn weight loss if that is your goal.
• a human body does not need a full meal at breakfast or lunch. 3+ full meals a day is overeating.
• adjust your consumption to what your body needs, differentiate consumption signals with what your body is telling you it needs (the body's nutrient signals as opposed to it's consumption desires).
• recommendation: nutrient rich combined with high quality taste - a dessert doesn't have to be unhealthy e.g. marionberry pie.
• cinnamon is never right with black tea.

the diet advice on our planet is insane. follow your best intuition and what your body signals convey to find your diet niche.
note: cold black tea with 2% milk is known in america as a chai latte, available at starbucks (venti iced chai with light ice).